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Ask yourself:
  Do I regularly get looked over for jobs for which I feel I'm qualified?
  Do I find it difficult to sell myself in an interview?
  Do I find it hard to articulate my previous contributions and successes?
  Do I feel like I need outside assistance to get a promotion or make a major career change?

If you answered yes to any of these, a career coach may be able to help. Whether you're looking for a job or want a promotion, the right career coach can help you gain insight, clarify your goals, and overcome career obstacles.

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Identify Your Strengths

Sometimes it's hard for us to really view ourselves in the light that potential employers do. We may rattle off a list of skills we've acquired and technologies that we know how to use, but when it comes to digging a bit deeper to demonstrate how selecting you will help the company solve a problem, you feel completely lost. I can help you articulate your unique skills and strengths and help you discover personal issues that could be holding you back.


Improve Your Communication Skills

We're not all born communicators; sometimes we need a little help to navigate through tough job situations. I can help you deal with a difficult boss or coworker, shine in an interview or help you find ways to make your contributions more visible on the job.


Enhance Your Job-Hunting Skills

For many of us, the idea of networking is petrifying. A career coach can walk you through how to enter a room of strangers and do so confidently. Let me assist you in creating a strategy for your networking to increase your chance of finding a job.


Position You for More Promotions

If you're getting overlooked for promotions, I can help you identify the cause and help better position you to move up. It might be as simple as diversifying your skills or communicating better, or even simply knowing how to ask your boss for the promotion.

Think of this. During college we have an ecosystem that provides us with everything we need to get into the working world. However, once we get there, we are at a loss. We no longer have the daily support and insight that comes from that that ecosystem, especially when it comes to taking charge of our careers. Do you want to be the average worker who gets 3% raises or do you want to position yourself to be in the 10% + range?

Letís work together and together we will ignite your inner greatness!


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