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Personal Leadership and Empowerment Coaching

Need a change but your life just won't budge? Are your weeks filled with meant-tos and almosts? You almost did that thing on your list. You meant to make your way to the gym or start taking care of yourself. You almost got from under the covers or stopped settling for that job that you hate. Whatever your meant-tos or almosts may be, this program helps you find your own power! Over the course of 3 months, we'll work together to get your vision reignited. Instead of dreaming of what you wish you could do (or waiting for someone else to make it happen), we'll get you moving towards a fresh plan of action. You'll not only shift from always dwelling on barriers but get exited as you create your own path. Even if you feel stuck. Even if it all seems impossible. Even if your life as you knew it has changed (impacting your body, your wallet, your time, or perhaps your state of mind), we'll get you out there so you can start moving forward!


1 Month Jumpstart - 4 Sessions: $300
3 Months - 13 Sessions: $900 (one free session)
4 Months - 18 Sessions: $1,120 (one free sessions plus discounted rate)
6 Months - 28 sessions: $1,500 (one free sessions plus best rate!)

- 60min sessions reflected above
- sessions can be 30mins 2x week or 60mins 1x week, per clients' choice
- payment plans are available
- free sessions can be used up to 90days after paid period ends



Resume Enhancement and Career Coaching

A resume is more than just words on a paper - it's a blueprint of the talents you offer. At Creative Sparkes Coaching, we help you to realize and leverage those talents and raise your confidence in exploring new options. Unlike other, more traditional services, we work with you to reflect your full value. We not only help you to create a strong resume, but provide professional leadership and empowerment coaching (including career mapping and interview preparation).Through our buiding sessions, you'll not only have  tools you can use to stand out but deeper insight into your personal power! Services are designed around your specific needs.


Resume Basic - $100 (includes resume creation or review, edits and proof reading)
Resume Plus - $150 (includes basic package + tailored industry target cover letter + thank you note)
Resume Advanced - $200 (includes plus package + 30min mastermind coaching OR 30min interview prep)



Energy & Creative Recovery

Life can strike pretty hard sometimes. The things that you're used to have changed. You're not quite sure how to move forward. Sound familiar? If so, this program was designed just for you. Whether it's finding more balance and clarity, getting past a particular fear, or adjusting to a change in your life or career, think of this as a bold call to action. Together, we'll walk through a series of creative and exploratory exercises to get you closer to new strategies and solutions. You can choose from a 1-month jumpstart program or a 3-month transformation and recovery program. Think of this as your brand new beginning!


1 Month Jumpstart: $350 (six (6) tailored 30min sessions)
3 Month Emergence: $1,000 (twenty (20) tailored 30min sessions)


- payment plans are available



Other Services

- Health & Wellness
- Networking Connections
- Educational Research




**Before you commit to anything, we’ll set up a free 30 minute consultation. During the call, I'll share a little more about the programs I offer. You'll also have a chance to ask questions. If you decide to move forward, we'll work together to design our new partnership and explore your journey towards change in your life!


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